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Artist Statment

I am an interdisciplinary practitioner, ceramist and painter whose work also extends into animation and moving image. I experiment with various techniques and express myself using a wide range of materials and processes. Through the intuitive nature of my work the element of discovery is of most significance, allowing accidents and mistakes to occur. Although, sometimes I deliberately provoke them, my interest is to develop flexible thinking and to improve my visual language challenging at the same time the hegemony of the two-dimensional art disciplines and methods.

Often my interest is revolving around the simplification of abstract forms that arise from the manipulation of the figurative image. A process that, I believe, allows the viewer to make their own interpretation of a piece of art. I strive to create a space where the public can interact with their imagination and to realise the fictionality of the perception created by our unconscious.  

My work is an ever-evolving process, it can start with collages made up of discarded defective prints, or it can derive from collected exhibition ephemera. I manipulate my elements, I choose one print and work in various ways. I dissolve, push, pull, deconstruct, construct and collapse the image resulting in a process of constant abstraction and figuration. The 2D collages reach out in relief, they feel sculptural in themselves.  As I don’t have a preconceived idea it’s a call and response outcome, an integral part of my making and thinking.
In my most recent works, I take the opportunity from these 2D collages to go into 3D sculpture and then into animations. It is a back and forth process which seems to be a recurring theme in my practice.

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